New World Wines

Diversity, innovation, play of flavors

What do we offer you?

The founders of 37 Sur are from the New World, currently enjoying the wonder of living on the Spanish Costa del Sol. We have been dedicated to wine for decades, and genuinely enjoy it both personally and professionally. Being born in the New World, and having been part of the industry for so long, enables us to prepare a careful selection of what we consider to be the best products from that region. 


The New World is not afraid to experiment, it does not follow strict regulations that limit the profile of the wines. This makes it possible to achieve surprising, innovative results.

The Old World is Classical Music, fantastic and virtuous, with strong rules; the New World is Jazz, free, exploratory, spontaneous. 


New World wines tend to be more robust, with somewhat stronger alcoholic strengths than those of the Old World.

For the New World wine is not necessarily a faithful companion to a great meal, it can be a soloist, shining on its own. 

The Land of the Sun

The Sun was the main god of most of the native cultures of the New World, and for good reason. The sun is generous and abundant in these lands, contrasting with the colder and rainier climate of the Old World. This concentrates the sugars and tannins in the grapes, giving unique characteristics to the wines produced. 

Focus on grapes

In the New World, the emphasis is on varietals, as opposed to the Old World, which focuses on terroir.

Wines are usually single varietal, which distinguishes them from the classic blends made in the Old World. 

Discovering the New World Packs

We have prepared some special packs, with 10% discount, so you can take advantage and enjoy our selection of New World wines as you deserve, don't miss them!

New World - Balance Pack

93,20 €
103,56 €

For this pack we selected three reds and three whites, very diverse, but with something in common: excellence. 

In the corner of the Tintos:

  • Alvi's Drift Signature Pinotage, South Africa
  • Garzón Reserva Tannat, from Uruguay
  • Pulenta State I Malbec, from Argentina

In the White Corner:

  • Alvi's Drift Signature Chenin Blanc, from South Africa
  • Saint Clair Bishop's Leap Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand
  • Wente Morning Fog Chardonnay Central Coast, from United States

Spoiler: In this battle, everyone wins. Especially you. 

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California Brothers

38,84 €
43,16 €

All the California sunshine in your glass: a juicy, round Zinfandel and a refreshing Chardonnay, together with a 10% discount.

What are you waiting for?

 Note: you will see the discounts applied on the payment page.