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    A little more than a century ago, Don Pascual Harriaque introduced the French Tannat grape variety. Such was the communion between this grape from southwestern France and the Uruguayan climate and soil that made the variety a world reference, consecrating Uruguay as the "Country of Tannat".

    Intense, powerful, sober and austere, Tannat accompanies Uruguayan meats and those from all over the planet. When young, it presents vivid colors, violet and purple hues, and frank and fruity aromas. As aging time progresses, its tannins soften and the aromas become more subtle and complex.

    It will always be a unique and unmistakable wine, worthy and faithful component of our invitation to discover surprising flavors.

    3 items
    Estate Tannat 2017
    9,98 €
    Garzón Single Vineyard Tannat 2017
    25,60 €
    Garzón Reserva Tannat 2020
    13,52 €